Monday, December 7, 2009

Bike repair time

Well it was time to catch up on all the little jobs around the house, and the first one was the little fellas bike. The bike had seen the better side of it's life years ago... but with a little bit of maintenance and a tight ass Dad, you'd be surprised how many years you can get out of those little cheap bikes from K-Mart!

Harrison loves getting his hands dirty and if i'm lucky he'll be a ripper mechanic, which will come in handy when his old man's car brakes down. Gotta think to the future!

OUCH!!!! (not happy jen) The poor little sod looked to me for symphony oooohhhh, but all i could offer up was 'get use to it sunshine'. Well life's hard for a five year old changing his first tyre, so go on little fella suck it up!

Then in a flash he had the tube out and the new one in, strewth he's a beaut little worker. He said we would take off the training wheels, and give it a go 'The way nature intended'.

Then it was time to change the frount tyre, and we also replaced one of the peddles that had broken off. And on with a cool bike stand..... cool stuff mate. And then it was time to give it a go, he was so on a high..... he's first time without training wheels, and he was going to give it all he had. I'll tell you what i wish i had a video in my hand at the time, he kicked off went left... then right... then left and straight into the fence! ha,ha,ha funniest thing i've seen in ages (thanks mate), but after giving it a fair few goes we decided to put them back on till the next time were out in the open. That way he doesn't keep riding into our car, our house, our fence, our gate.... you get the picture hay. But he is getting better and it wont be long before the wheels are off, and giving his older brother a run for his money.